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real wild food since 1989

The founders, Päivi and Pekka Riipinen, met right after Päivi Riipinen (nee Uitto) won the title of the most beautiful woman in Finland, Miss Finland, in 1979. Pekka was already a businessman back then. He was known as an enthusiastic fisherman and a hunter. Pekka and Päivi shared the love to Finland’s pure and clean nature. During their holidays, both always wanted to travel to the northern pristine wilderness - in to the purity and tranquility of the magical surroundings.


1989 Wild game shop

The couple wanted to make their dreams come true and opened a small wild game shop in Kuusamo centrum. The shop offered fo example bear meat, reindeer meat, moose meat and alligator meat.

1992 Dreams come true

One cold and snowy winter morning in January 1992 Päivi woke up during a strong dream. She pushed Pekka awake and told him about the dream: “I had a dream we opened a wild game restaurant and a shop”. Right after that Pekka had to leave and search for a real estate from Ruka in Kuusamo. Päivi’s message was clear: “there is no coming back before You find us a real estate”. The first real estate was rented during the same day – And three weeks later the restaurant opened.

1996 Products from wild food

As restaurant activities expanded, customers began to take food up to several hundreds of miles to their homes to enjoy the Riipinen wild food at home. The family was decided to do something, and they began to produce the northern pure natural products as wild game, fish and berry products.  This was a beginning of Riipinen Wild Game Products story.


2000 Their own restaurant

In December 2000 the Riipinen family bought the building of the restaurant for themselves. One year later they opened the new and renovated restaurant. The restaurant seats 150 guests. Päivi has designed and decorated an atmospheric and warmly restaurant. Riipinen restaurant located under the Kelo slope and the valley is called Riipinen´s valley.

2005 First Wild game and souvenir shop

Opening the first Riipinen wild game and souvenirs main shop. It´s located 4 kilometres from Kuusamo to Ruka.

2007 Main shop is expanding and a second shop

Another building to main shop yard was built.

Same year the second Riipinen wild game and souvenir shop opened in Vuokatti Finland.

Riipinen family bought their own wild game meat and fish products factory with partners.

2009 Generational change in the company

A generational change when Päivi and Pekka Riipinen's children Markus and Mikael stepped into the head of the company.

2010 Third Wild game and souvenir shop

Opening the third Riipinen wild game and souvenir shop in Ruka.

2012 Their own Wild game and fish products factory

Riipinen family bought the wholly of wild game and fish producs factory

2015 Their own wild food factory

Their own food factory was bought, which produces pure berry jellies, -jams, -syrups and -sauces. salad dressings, vinegars, spices and mustards.

A lot has happened over the years

Päivi´s publicity of the most beatiful woman in Finland has been an important part of building the Riipinen brand. The large number of newspaper arcticles, as well as several performances in TV's food programs, boosted the demand of wild food products and restaurant. Päivi is known in Finland as a Miss Finland and Pekka as a bear man (around the world). The nickname of Pekka has come from being one of the world's biggest bear meat buyer. Influential state leaders and business men from various countries, as well as celebrities around the world have been their customers. Riipinen Restaurant is high quality skiing restaurant without a dress code.

Riipinen wild game restaurant has been chosen as the best game restaurant in Finland. The best honorary mention in Finland has also received Riipinen wild food, fish and berry products.

Riipinen restaurant’s deep fried vendaces are still one of the reasons to come to Ruka, Kuusamo!

I want to thank our parents, who have made this possible so that we can work with my brother in our boots. We are very thankful for our customers, who have enjoyed our wild food tastes to this day and which we will continue with you, without any compromise of quality and service.

Markus Riipinen
Chairman of the Board

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